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Ergostyle Hylo Chiropractic Table

Ergostyle Hylo Chiropractic Table - ErgoStyle™ HYLO is a revolutionary adjusting table with many standard features previously considered upgrades. Improved ergonomics include: bilateral control placement; powered front and pelvic sections; free falling Accelerator™ Drops; gas spring assist on headpieces, chest and pelvic cushions.

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Ergostyle Hylo Chiropractic Table


Standard Features
• Fixed table height: 23.5” (60  cm)
• Tilting degrees: 0 to 63 degrees
• Tilting mechanism: Gear drive hydraulics with a "soft stop" in the down position
• Constant flow electronics allow a constant tilt speed with Automatic Weight Compensation regardless of patient’s weight and height
        - Tilt speed Up: 9 seconds
        - Tilt speed Down: 11 seconds
• 23.5” (60 cm) seamless cushions with multi-density foam
• Powered front and rear sections allow full power adjustment of table length
        - Powered chest extension: Extends 14.5” (37 cm)
        - Powered pelvic extension: Extends 14.5” (37 cm)
• Single side controls to power chest and pelvic extension
• Table length adjustment: 4' 6" - 6' 11" (137 cm - 212 cm)
• Footplate: Foldaway
• Ankle Rest: Fixed position
• Controlled safety system: 2 step tilt down control
• Table weight: 405 lbs (184 kg)
•  Improved ergonomics that include bilateral control placement, handle design, free falling accelerating drops and gas spring assist on headpieces and drops
•  Powder coated for durability
•  Available in choice of standard upholstery colors
•  Modular design, allows for future upgrades

ErgoStyle™ HYLO Optional Features
• Break-away elevating chest with infinite locking capability and single or bilateral side control assures proper patient “fit”
• Elevating pelvic section with single or bilateral controls and gas spring assist for ease of use
• Choice of 4 headpiece model upgrades from basic tilting to full drops, all with adjustable face cushions
• Patented modular Accelerator III
• Tuck-away footboard
• Upgrade Designer Rhino Hyde® upholstery

Upgrade to Auto-Cocking
With a simple press of the foot control, the table is cocked via the patented Accelerator™ III Auto-Cocking Drops and ready for use. All Auto-Cocking drops include manual cocking handles **Does not include air compressor
Please note: When upgrading to Auto-Cocking, all three drops (thoracic, lumbar and pelvic) must be purchased together. Auto-Cocking on a single drop is not available.

Technical Specifications:
Rated Voltage: 115 VAC
Rated Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Current: 4.8/5.8 A
Electrical Class: Class 1, Type B
Duty Cycle: 10%
Pump Type: Hydraulic Gear Pump
Lifting Capacity: 400 lbs (181 kg)
Shipping Weight: 543 lbs (246 kg)
Shipping Dimensions:
    80”L x 30”W x 32”H
    (203 cm x 76 cm x 81 cm)

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