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Elevation Manual Flexion Table by Eurotech Chiropractic Table

Elevation Manual Flexion, Adjusting, and Manipulating Table by Eurotech allows optimum correction of spinal or disc problems and yet can still do double or triple duty as an exam, adjusting or therapy table. This fully biomechanical table allows the doctor to perform all ranges of spinal correction, flexion, extension and axial rotation.

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 Elevation Manual Flexion Table


Manual Flexion Features and Options


Base Table Standard Features
• Adjustable Face Cushions
• Extension / Flexion Headpiece
• Paper Roller, Cutter and Guide Bar
• Ankle Extension w/ Elevation
• Break-Away Abdominal
• Black Base
• Flexion Handle (Rear Flexion only)
• Comfort Cushions
• P-A Flexion (Manual)
• Handle bars
• SST Straps

Standard Table Dimensions
Any table may be ordered from 21” to 26” as measured from the floor to top of cushions.
• Length 65”
• Extended 75”
• Ankle Extension width 23”
• Pelvic cushion width 22”
• Thoracic/Lumbar cushion width 20”
• Cervical cushion width 16”

Customize Your Table With These Additional Options
• Rear Lateral Flexion
• Front Lateral Flexion
• Axial Rotation (Rear Flexion Only)
• Long Axis Distraction – administered via remote digital module this feature allows the doctor to administer long axis traction or spinal decompression by distracting the pelvic section away from the center line as little as one eighth inch to as much as six inches.
• Cervical Distraction Headpiece – this feature allows the doctor to apply manual distraction, decompression and/or flexion to the cervical vertebrae.
• Toggle headpiece
• Elevation
• Drops: cervical, thoracic, lumbar, pelvic
• Air Drops
• Snap Covers
Extended length for Thorasic & Lumbar drop combination
• Special width cushions (2” or 4” wider)
• Extended heights beyond 26”

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